KORT ÄRM ”Raddog – R1 Junior” Ringo

Kort ärm upp till armbågen. Mjuk och flexibel ram vilket gör att hunden kan bita på hela kudden.

Material: Ringo

879 kr



RADDOG Professional Products for Dogsports 

are handmade in Czech Republic by Radek Kupka, one of the world’s best IPO protection and training helpers. Radek has also been competing and training other handlers in IPO for over 20 years. Radek has  had many years of experience in the production of Dogsport equipment.

RADDOG Professional Products for Dogsports 

have been designed by Radek Kupka with the help of other high level trainers keeping the highest standards of comfort, functionality and quality in mind.


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Röd, Rosa, Svart